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Extract of the support network

Access to Industry

Austria (Mobility)

Switzerland (Infrastructure) 

Switzerland (Textiles)

India (Finance)

Switzerland (Industry)

Switzerland (Water) 

Switzerland (Mobility) 

Finland (Waste Management)

International (Entrepreneurship) 

Switzerland (Agriculture) 

Finland (Energy) 

Switzerland (Tourism)

Access to Institutions

Switzerland (Secretariat Economic Affairs)

East Timor (School)

International Committee of the Red Cross

Germany (Secretariat for Int. Collaboration)

East Timor (School)

Singapore (Economic Development Board)

East Timor (Development Agency) 

Access to Academia

University of St.Gallen

Prof. Dr. Roger Moser

HTW Chur / Applied Science

Prof. Dr. Barbara Haller 

University Hospital SG

Prof. Dr. Joseph Osterwalder 

Udayana University

None specific

Zurich University of Teacher

Prof. Dr. Manfred Pfiffner

University of Timor-Leste

None specific

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