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Roman Thomasin, CH

"Barbara has a determined and adaptable attitude, always willing to go the extra mile to achieve results. Her impressive problem-solving skills and ability to persuade others make her a valuable asset in any business setting. I met her when she tried to convince me that Timor-Leste was a great She did not give up, even though I gave her the cold shoulder several times. I was impressed by her attitude, her professionalism and her adaptability to work with a wide variety of characters and people at all levels. Barbara finds a solution to every problem and is able to convince everyone involved that the job needs to be done. I have seen her act in very difficult situations and she not only keeps a cool head, but is always able to find alternative ways to solve a given problem when the current approach is not working. "

Prof. Dr. Roger Moser, CH

University of St. Gallen

" I have known Mr. Barbara Lietz for more than nine years - since she had started as an entrepreneur in Asian-European context. As Professor at the University of St.Gallen and adjunct professor at the Indian Institute of Management (Udaipur), I have completed several projects with Mrs. Lietz in India and Timor-Leste, which have been recognized by internationally reputed academic journals such as Technology Forecasting & Social Change. Personally, I perceive Mrs. Lietz to be an highly experienced, wise and intelligent, articulate person, who is self-motivated and demonstrates leadership qualities with teams and lead decisions, that are admired by her peers. Her ability to implement projects and products from European Companies in markets like Timor-Leste, Indonesia and India is unprecedented."

Carvalho Januario, Timor

During the time I worked with Barbara as a government official, I became very familiar with Barbara's personality and work ethic and am pleased to share my impressions with you. I have great respect for Barbara and believe she will be an asset to any organization. She has strong leadership skills, high energy level, is not worried about being overworked, does not dwell on mistakes, sees them as an opportunity to learn and move on, does not let possible objections or criticism stop her, continues despite resistance or setbacks, is able to influence others, can articulate a vision and convince others, has empathy and cares about the impact of actions, is a team player, has integrity, etc. I am sure that you will have similar experiences with Barbara as I have observed during our work together."
“Mrs. Barbara is always focused on her projects and plans, even though she never gives up in the midst of difficulties and challenges. This is what I experienced with her during the years when I was rector of Don Bosco School in Fatumaca, until I became provincial. One of the things I admire about her is that she is able to establish good diplomacy with all kinds of people, both potential beneficiaries and donors. Finally, one of the outstanding virtues that I have seen in her is that she really wants to work for the good of this country."

Prof. Dr. Manfred Pfiffner

PH Zürich

"I have known Barbara Lietz since 2014 in my position as full professor at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. I am impressed by her professionalism and ability to work with different stakeholders in the field of education. Barbara has a clear, structured vision for developing an education system, especially vocational education and training, in Timor-Leste. She is targeted, resource-oriented, pragmatic, and quickly sets successful processes in motion. She has compiled a group of highly qualified experts and has excellent skills to build up functional structures and a powerful network, which will create impactful, and longterm sustainable changes."

Andrea Trunz, Timor

CEO Swiss Entrepreneur
"I was immediately struck by her unwavering dedication to providing safe drinking water to the people of Timor. Unlike others, Barbara's focus goes beyond just providing the right equipment. She believes in empowering local communities to act independently, leading to sustainable development in the country. She established the concept of using water treatment units, integrating the Bag-in-Box water filling process, and offering technical training both on-site and in Switzerland. Thanks to her tireless commitment and engagement, this concept has now been successfully implemented and multiplied after the first pilot-installation."

Health Center Atabae

Water System Installation

East Timor Development

Ceramic Pottery

Shunyata Villas

Water Purification System

University of St. Gallen

Recommendation Letter

Don Bosco School

Water Solution Project

Country Director  T.L.

Water Purification System

University of St.Gallen


JWU Botanicals

Health Tonic

Minister of Public Works

Water Business Model

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