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Partners of the new Era

Welcome to Partners of the New Era, where I present innovative and fascinating individuals and companies that are making a contribution towards a better world. Join me as I celebrate the pioneers of positive change and explore their inspiring journeys of impact and transformation.


Holiweek is your gateway to vacations in the picturesque region of Valposchiavo, in the Swiss Alps. Experience the charm of cozy chalets and modern apartments, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, peaceful retreats, or cultural discoveries, Holiweek offers it. Immerse yourself in the serene landscapes, indulge in local delicacies, and create memories.

Laura Cortesi | Switzerland


The Heart of Joy Café

The Heart of Joy is a vegetarian and vegan café & restaurant located in Salzburg. They take pride in creating joyful dining experiences through their culinary expertise, using fresh and healthy ingredients sourced locally and organically. Their commitment to quality includes avoiding additives and promoting fair trade. In addition to their delectable meals, they offer free meditation courses .

Priyavadin Reisecker | Austria

Three young entrepreneurs from the University of St. Gallen have founded a company in India to solve the drinking water problem. Their innovative "Wasserplantagen" (Water Plantations) offer a sustainable solution, using Swiss technology, to provide clean and affordable drinking water to areas in need, while also creating a profitable and socially impactful business model.

Patrick Schlatter | Switzerland



Grow your business with Seqato, your strategic technology partner. Save time and money with the budget-friendly, industry-leading consultation and high quality services. They offer turnkey solutions, connecting technology with business to make your life easier. Their core domains are telecom, banking, insurance, custom apps, education, and research. 

Robin | India

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