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A German Way - Barbara Elisabeth Maria Lietz



Prof. William Toel:

"The Germans are known for their courage, strength and wisdom. Their history has a long record of achievements and accomplishments.

But in this day and age, I believe love must be at the centre of Germanness. I even believe that love is a new level of security." 


"Love is the only answer."

The values that shape Germanness form the foundation of vonWertSEIN. Mutual appreciation, striving for clarity and truth, importance of family and love for the homeland and culture are our foundations. The connection to God, to the earth and the existence of love in everything are our source of abundance and joy.


With these foundations, inner strength and discipline, we can overcome challenges and find divine inspiration in our creations. Quality and sustainability are our priority to make our lives meaningful.


These values not only shape our Germanness, but also form the basis for exchange with other cultures. They are the key for a change towards appreciation and respect for life and people. As bridge builders from the DACH region - Germany, Austria and Switzerland - we can contribute to this together.


Barbara Elisabeth Maria Lietz contributes her knowledge and experience as a human being with divine inspiration and gratitude. She shares the conviction that it is good to be German. Her attachment to the DACH region motivates her to give back what she has received. The culture and people of this region have shaped her, and she is ready to carry this imprint into the world.

Are You Tired of the Cycle of Conformity, Chaos, and Exploitation?

Do we really want to live in a society where conformity, chaos, and conflicts take center stage, where we feel like prisoners? Here, it is common to take more than we give, and the theory of exploitation takes precedence. Every day, people struggle to survive in a world where they are forced to deny themselves.

The result? A society where everyone tries to exploit each other, and no one truly wins.

Imagine a community where everyone is deeply committed to giving back and taking responsibility. Where people are guided by values and appreciate each other. A place where everyone strives to create value for others through additive and multiplicative contributions. The power of each individual experiences synergy through the power of others. Instead of power over power, this leads to a culture of trust, collaboration, and respectful interaction.


The result? Abundance of value creation, benefiting everyone in the community, not just a few.

Welcome to a community where giving is the norm and the power of collective action generates true prosperity.

Creating Value-Adding Communities - that is the goal.

What if we could create a society where individuals are empowered to pursue their own dreams, while working towards a common goal?


The solution lies in initiatives that encourage collaboration and self-responsibility.

Providing high-quality interactive resources in all German-speaking regions is essential to facilitate the economy, business, education, networking, and action planning. By pooling our efforts towards a common goal of sustainability, we can conserve resources and enhance the effectiveness of our actions. It is crucial to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and pursue their personal visions.


In conclusion, it is possible to establish a strong connection among people and harness their strengths to lead a holistic life where each person is recognized as an individual while serving the community. This presents a challenge with significant growth opportunities in all areas. Through the consistent implementation of these foundations, we can create a community where the power of the collective adds value to every individual.


The German Greatness

This is not the German greatness

To conquer with the sword,

To penetrate the spirit realm

To wrestle manly with the madness

That is worthy of his zeal.


Heavy chains pressed all

Nations on the earthly ball

When the German broke them,

offered feud to the Vatican,

Announcing war to the madness,

Who bribed the whole world.


Higher victory has he won,

Who wielded the lightning of truth,

Who frees the spirits themselves.

To fight for the freedom of reason

Means right for all peoples,

Is valid for all eternal time.


Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805), from 1802 von Schiller, German physician, poet, philosopher and historian; considered one of the most important German-language dramatists and lyricists

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