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The Diplomat: A Riveting Journey towards East Timor's Independence

Updated: May 19, 2023

"The Diplomat" is a compelling documentary that follows the courageous journey of José Ramos Horta, a freedom fighter and Nobel Prize winner, during the tumultuous final year of his 24-year campaign for the independence of East Timor. Through intimate storytelling, this film captures the charm, tenacity, and vulnerability of Ramos Horta, providing a unique perspective on his extraordinary efforts.

  1. A Chance Encounter: Director Tom Zubrycki recounts the serendipitous beginnings of "The Diplomat," as a simple phone call led to the opportunity to direct a film about José Ramos Horta. Zubrycki's enthusiasm for the project is palpable, and he eagerly embraced the chance to shed light on Ramos Horta's remarkable journey.

  2. A Portrait of Resilience: "The Diplomat" goes beyond being a mere current affairs or advocacy documentary. It delves deep into the persona of José Ramos Horta, revealing his charm, dry humor, and unwavering determination. Through this intimate portrayal, viewers gain a profound understanding of the man behind the diplomatic efforts.

  3. Recognition and Acclaim: The impact of "The Diplomat" extends far beyond its powerful storytelling. The documentary has garnered numerous accolades, including AFI Awards for Best Film and Best Direction in a feature documentary. It has been celebrated as an audience favorite at the Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals and has made appearances at prestigious international film festivals.

"The Diplomat" offers an immersive and deeply personal perspective on the final chapter of José Ramos Horta's tireless campaign for East Timor's independence. This extraordinary documentary showcases the resilience and humanity of a true diplomat, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Through the lens of Tom Zubrycki's masterful direction, viewers embark on a remarkable journey filled with hope, courage, and the unwavering pursuit of freedom.

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