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Barbara Elisabeth Maria Lietz

My German Way

From Human to Human:

Create Value through 

Knowledge & Connections


vonWertSein - Your value that creates value

It is becoming increasingly important to identify our own values. Which values identify with me, my community and my vision? These questions inspire the transformation and unfolding of our potential. The mission of vonWertSEIN supports this focus.

vonWertSein offers you a knowledge library in the form of informative webinars on current topics, transformational mentoring and coaching for people and companies, and workshops for innovating groundbreaking products aimed at positive change.


Based on German values, our goal is to support communities and companies that are committed to values-based community building and pioneering new ways of doing things. In this way, vonWertSEIN provides you with the tools and insights for sustainable change and enables you to actively contribute to creating a better future.

Connecting the World, by Focusing on People

Putting People First

With my commitment to communities, I build bridges between people, including those from different cultures, and promote understanding and collaboration based on German values.

Focused on Making a Real Difference by Empowering every Individual


I firmly believe that individual responsibility is the key to creating positive change. I work on sustainable solutions that empower individuals and teams to unleash their full potential.

Lived culture gives rise to diversity


My dedication is focused on clarity, transparency, and the inclusion and promotion of each individual's uniqueness. Solidarity and togetherness foster acceptance and bring out the strengths of everyone.


Barbara Elisabeth Maria Lietz

The founder of vonWertsein puts the human being first. 


Every human being, every community and culture brings forth a uniqueness that springs from divine creation. Our endeavor is to recognize this uniqueness and let it shine in its most beautiful light, by taking the stars from the sky to let them shine even more brilliantly. Based on German values of innovation, creativity, high quality, sustainability and attention to detail, I want to help promote the well-being of people by strengthening empowered communities and enhancing the quality of life - this is my mission.


I realize this intention with my deep experience, wisdom, clarity and eloquence.  The unique connection with people gives me the power to master challenges together and to bring a unique inspiration for the "extraordinary, the new" into the community. The goal is to build bridges between the still existing Being and the New Era to create a community that is able to act self-determined and self-responsible, based on common foundations. 


We learn together and create from the seed of togetherness - a community which is based on love and appreciation as well as respect for the laws of nature, which applies and appreciates the Divine Order.

My Goals

Unternehmensentwicklung und Innovation in Bildern
Unternehmensentwicklung und Innovation in Bildern
Unternehmensentwicklung und Innovation in Bildern

Creating Clear and strong Solutions

I believe that clarity is key to creating successful solutions. I am dedicated to working with businesses and groups to develop clear, well-framed solutions that meet their needs and goals.

Embracing Reflective Behavior

Reflection is an important tool for growth and development, and I embrace reflective behavior. I encourage teams to take the time to reflect on their actions, their goals, & their impact.

Aligning Visions for Success & Efficiency

Vision alignment is critical to success. I want to help teams harmonize not only in their way of working, but also in their visions, to become more efficient and focused on appreciation, in line with the "German Way".

Opening Eyes for Perspectives

Different perspectives are valuable tools for problem-solving and innovation. I want to help you create a space, that is opening eyes for different perspectives, allowing more resilient and sustainable descisions.

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Unternehmensentwicklung und Innovation in Bildern

My German Way

German Values,
Human Impact

The German-speaking region in Europe has a rich cultural and historical background that has influenced the values of the countries. 

We are talking here about Germany, Austria and Switzerland of the DACH region. These values include punctuality, precision, and efficiency, high creativity to create solutions that optimize quality and put sustainability in first place. Values such as heart-centeredness and putting people first are equally important characteristics and thus have become synonymous with German culture and are often associated with the famous German engineering and manufacturing industries in all areas. 

However, these values can go beyond just the production of goods and services and can have a much wider impact globally. This is where vonWertsein comes into play. 

I want to bring German values from the German-speaking regions to other countries, where they can be integrated and passed on with self-responsibility. Since all people of this earth can profit economically and socially from these values.


At the core of German values is always to deliver high quality in all areas for the benefit of all. Everyone should benefit from it. This focus on quality is implemented with an ethic which implies human values at a high level. However it extends to all aspects of life, including work, relationships, and personal development.

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