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Educating the Deplorables

When the interior minister of Saxony-Anhalt called those with nationalistic tendencies dim-witted, it was exactly the same as Hillary Clinton calling Trump’s supporters deplorables. The elites of the world, a tiny percentage with disproportionately loud microphones, have an attitude that they share frequently among each other: a perspective that they alone are somehow “complete” human beings, and thus in possession of truth. Everyone else is assigned a lower place and is in need of education towards the end of sharing the elite’s truth. This brand of truth cannot be debated, or questioned. They alone hold the moral high ground. The “problem” with democracy is that the vote of one of the “dim-witted deplorables” is equal to the vote of one of the most sophisticated elites; which is why they control ballot access to ensure an oligarchy of their own kind, and greatly fear direct democracy. In Germany today anyone who has nationalistic tendencies or a pride in Germanness immediately comes under a withering assault. The internationalist-oriented elites, and those wannabes who long to join the club—thus willingly do their bidding--are effectively used today as the "police" to control both thought and speech. In the confusion caused to the average German by the elite-sponsored program, freedom of expression has been incrementally robbed. Like a boa constrictor slowly squeezing the life out of its victims Germany will eventually cease to exist. German families have given their freedom over to those who neither respect them nor want to see them balanced and strong. Today Germans often speak with their mouths words that their hearts know are untrue. Fortunately, as in Communist and other times when free speech has been restricted, “direct democracy” will prevail in the end; either at a fair ballot box, or with citizens peaceably but actively in the streets, in sufficient numbers. It’s easy to intimidate 600 people with 40 government sponsored photographers baiting them while taking their pictures; harder when there are 60,000 concerned citizens with the courage to stand together, even silently, for what their hearts really believe in. They don’t need the elite’s education program. They just need to know they are not alone.

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