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Germany is where the future is!

Two questions: 1. Why is it that a significant percentage of Germany’s best and brightest under 40’s would grasp American citizenship in a heartbeat if it were offered with even a moderate moving allowance? 2. Why isn’t the Chancellor a powerful and enthusiastic advocate for her own country?

The answer to both of the above is here: A morose “we’ll get through it” comes from the nation’s chief “downologist.” Chronically slow to act, oft passionless, and personally undisciplined, her message is, “I am your example; keep your head down and be small. Lay on the couch and watch TV. Pay your taxes. You have a safety net underneath you.”

Where is the vision? There’s no vibrancy here – no vitality – no virility. Why doesn’t the Chancellor say: “All my people deserve to live lives full, and free, and joyful.”

Why isn’t this the Chancellor’s daily message:

Germany is where the future is! Germany is the place where you are excited to be, to live, to grow, to bring babies into! Where you can be anything you want; do anything you want. There is no limit!” To those Germans who are now elsewhere: “come home”; to those now being raised here: “There is a place for you. This is the vibrant center of things. Here, in Germany, you can thrive. An amazing worldwide network is in place. The German model works like clockwork. Opportunities are opening everywhere for the very skills we Germans have in abundance!

In 2021 Germany needs a government who serves the people and helps them achieve their dreams, versus one who finds ever more ways to control and frustrate: Simply providing a pre-planned “getting through” to the grave is no longer enough. Any future leader of Germany needs to say the message above loud and clear.

Das Beste für Deutschland.

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