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William Toel on Wilhelm Röpke: An Alternative to Keynesian Economics

Updated: May 1, 2023

William Toel on Wilhelm Röpke: A Critical Examination of Keynes and the Significance of Röpke's "Human Economy"

In the world of economics, the name John Maynard Keynes often comes up. His ideas on economics have been widely studied and taught in universities across the world. However, according to William Toel, a US-based professor of economics, finance, and marketing, there is an alternative way to think about economics, one that goes beyond the ideas of Keynes. This alternative is based on the ideas of Wilhelm Röpke, a German economist and social philosopher who is known as the father of the social market economy.

In a video interview, Toel shares his admiration for Röpke's ideas. According to Toel, Röpke's "Humane Economy" provides a solid foundation for a stable monetary and economic system in Germany. He notes that Germans are not capitalists by nature, but rather wonderful, intelligent, and balanced people who thrive when they are free to be themselves.

Toel's admiration for Röpke stems from his belief that Röpke's ideas provide a more humane and holistic approach to economics. Röpke believed in the importance of individual freedoms and the need for a balance between the market economy and the social welfare state. He believed that economic growth and social welfare should go hand in hand, and that it was important to create a system that would benefit everyone, not just the wealthy.

Röpke's ideas are in stark contrast to those of Keynes, who believed that government intervention was necessary to stimulate economic growth. Keynes' ideas have been widely criticized for promoting excessive government spending and increasing public debt.

Toel believes that Röpke's ideas are more relevant today than ever before. He notes that the current economic system has led to increasing debt, financial instability, and economic inequality. Toel argues that Röpke's ideas can help create a more stable and sustainable economic system that benefits everyone, not just the wealthy few.

In conclusion, William Toel's admiration for Wilhelm Röpke's ideas provides a refreshing alternative to the dominant economic paradigm of Keynesian economics. Röpke's ideas, based on individual freedom and a balance between the market economy and social welfare, offer a more humane and holistic approach to economics. As we face increasing economic challenges, it is important to consider alternative economic paradigms like Röpke's, which may offer a more sustainable and equitable future for all.


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